Clevenard Agrobusiness, the world is Clevenard market - seven billion people and counting every day. We connect farmers to the global marketplace and supply end customers, from nations to small cities, with high-quality commodity products derived from a variety of crops.


We’re ready to help to serve the world" in partnership with farmers and customers, in processing plants, ports and packaging facilities, on the trading floor and on the move—all around the globe.

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One out of every two people in Africa struggles to feed and educate their children. When powered by opportunity, they have a chance to work their way out of poverty and transform their lives. For 10 years, Clevenard Global International Limited has provided the savings, loans, and training that all people need to create a better future for their families and their communities.

Poverty has a firm grip on rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa and millions lack access to sufficient high-quality food. Even where natural resources are ample, people suffer from"a chronic malnourishment"  because they lack access to agricultural financing, quality seed and fertilizer, competitive crop distribution channels, agricultural education and training, and insurance against natural disasters.  

Clevenard Global International Limited focuses on improving agriculture in Africa because it is home to a quarter of the world’s arable land, yet it generates only 10% of global agricultural output. The fact remains that a typical African smallholder farming household lacks the necessary resources to transform their subsistence farm into thriving agribusiness.

With your support, Clevenard Global International Limited is addressing these current agricultural issues through innovative agriculture projects. You can help us provide the necessary financial services and training that will help farmers increase their crop yields, improve income and food security for their families and communities, and create jobs for their neighbors.


By REGISTERING ON OUR NETWORK TO DISCUSS  our Initiative, you are helping to expand access to farming services to enable more people in 27 countries to secure savings, borrow capital for their businesses, receive training to develop "professionals"  and life skills, and to purchase insurance to protect their assets. With three billion people living on less than $2 a day around the world, our mission is to empower people to work their way out of chronic poverty, transforming their lives, their children's futures, and their communities.  

We believe a partnership should benefit both sides. That’s why we work hard with our corporate partners to connect our specific funding needs with your core business goals. As an organisation, you can have a significant impact on the lives of families living in poverty around the world, helping them start their own small businesses and provide for their children. Based on what matters most to you, Clevenard can work with you to develop a meaningful partnership that brings value to your entire team.

You won’t just be investing in one of the most sustainable solutions to poverty, either. A social focus will help you increase staff morale, attract customers and investors and build your company’s reputation with the public.

The work of Clevenard is supported by a number of generous companies. We thank all of them for their valuable support – it is making a significant difference.

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