Our Background


Clevenard Global International Limited has a number of stakeholders both in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa whose collective mission is to assist the production and marketing of produce so as "to" add value locally in an ethically and environmentally friendly manner by benefiting local communities in terms of "Education, Employment, and Healthcare".  

Clevenard Global International Limited for Better Africa's aim is to work in partnership with farmers, exporters and selected customers in developing a range of produce to suit their needs. The aim is to take care of everything from the farm to the doorstep. Rural development programs are a vital element of Country-based Food Security Programs. The Clevenard for Better Africa concept addresses these various issues the relationship between which can be shown diagrammatically as follows Clevenard for Better Africa acts as an umbrella organisation and also a brand. It acts as a facilitator of the following at the left "on the left side"s;

  1. Finding markets around the world.
  2. Advising on food safety issues and packaging issues in Africa
  3. Advising on quality assurance and safety processing.
  4. Advising on transport and logistics from Africa to the world doorstep.
  5. Assisting the shortening of supply chains and improving their efficiency "so as ensuring" competitiveness.
  6. Training in Technical Capacity Development.
  7. Most of all giving African farmers hope for a better tomorrow.
  8. Central to the success of this model is the development of sustainable agricultural practices through training and the development of Quality Assurance procedures with appropriate certification.
  9. Infrastructural and logistical issues have also to be addressed.

Addressing the demand side successfully requires working with key target customers in the relevant markets whether in-country or overseas in order to develop a specification for the product and to define the desired and acceptable products for the consumer, from nutritional and taste requirements to ease of distribution and prolonged shelf life.


The Clevenard for Better Africa label will be seen as a feeder label in the interaction with established brands including Fairtrade, Organic labeled produce and Multiple Retailer labels.


In overseas markets, innovative marketing strategies will be adopted including the use of QR labels (Quick Response) whereby the end consumer can be easily acquainted with the supply chain history. QR codes also enable the promoter to capture accurate information regarding the viewer and thus build a profile of existing and likely consumers.

Fairtrade implies a premium price. Rather than seek a premium price Clevenard for Better Africa emphasizes the benefits of a trade based strategy to farmers rather than aid or charity-based approach.

Clevenard for Better Africa will provide a Quality Assurance program to Clevenard so that selected prod" that selected product" ucts which conform to the appropriate standard may carry the Clevenard for Better Africa mark of assurance.