Clevenard Agrobusiness, the world is Clevenard market - seven billion people and counting every day.


We operate a general networking chain in Africa, as well as joint venture operations, on with African Farmers in the largest agricultural production regions, in areas of fast-growing food consumption and close to major transportation systems. These general networking chain are complemented by marketing and trading offices,


Clevenard Agrobusiness operations: purchase grains and oilseeds vegetables and many more from farmers, transport and sell raw commodities to end customers in domestic and export markets process oilseeds into protein meals and crude vegetable oil for sale to food producers, food processors, Foods supplier and foods retailers, the biofuels industry and other customers provide financial services, risk management and logistics services to end customers execute risk management strategies for Clevenard.


We connect farmers to the global marketplace and supply end customers, from nations to small livestock producers, with high-quality commodity products derived from a variety of crops.


Clevenard Agrobusiness operations process, sourcing and transporting tons of commodities every year to potential buyer across the world and we help find Potential buyers from around the world.

 Clevenard Market