Clevenard market 



Our values


Trustworthiness, Loyalty

Quality and Purity



our mission

  • Provide the best quality farm foods
  • Use state-of-the-art world class technology
  • Develop newer farm foods products in an innovative manner
  • Cater to the needs of customers
  • Grow at an annual rate of 10 percent
  • Understand the needs and requirement of global market and work accordingly
  • To make impact in the lives of people by meeting their needs.
  • To nourish and flourish the world with the prestigious and true shine of African farm foods.
  • To associated with Major farmers in Africa.


Our vision


  • Be world’s no 1 Agro- commodities company
  • Give hygienic, quality processed products to its customers.
  • Better utilize agricultural produce, minimizing wastage at all stages in the food processing chain.
  • Shield our customers from the ill-effects of price rise, globally
  • Ensure quality control through onsite labs
  • Increase level of processing of perishable food items