Clevenard Global International Ltd will work with its suppliers and framers to add to its portfolio of processed and unprocessed products and to include selected fresh produce where Nigeria should have a competitive advantage.


Examples include Yams and lighter weight products such as Chilli Peppers, Moringa, which can be shipped by air thus allowing for a shorter supply chain.


It is necessary to phase the marketing of Nigerian sourced products into the European Asian and American market in order to sensitise the market and assure prospective customers of the ability to make available a range of high quality products on a sustainable basis.


Once the market is sensitised through trial shipments of selected products and a targeted leafleting programme higher volumes will be attainable managed through our London Office.


Clevenard Global International Ltd is responsible for procuring produce in Nigeria and other African countries with growers on appropriate contractual arrangements dependent on the produce reaching the necessary standard prior to deliver the port of embarkation/disembarkation.

Product Range 


There is available in European Asian and American markets a wide range of products from overseas including  certain  African  countries  which  have  already  established  a  strong presence, for instance Kenya, Uganda and Egypt.


For a country such as Nigeria whose packaged products and fresh produce are generally seen in only limited amounts in overseas markets the priority must be to develop a range of product supply chains in order to sustain seasonal supplies throughout the year at a competitive quality and price.