Our range of farm products is highly nutritious and very much different from any other. Apart from business, We have been recognized to promote good food culture on local and international platforms.


Our present range of farm products readily available to be exported are but not limited to: Cassava and cassava powder, Cocoa, Ginger, Wheat, Potatoes, Yam, Corn, Fruits, dairy products, Garlic, Onions,  Palm karnel, Palm Oil, Rice, Beans( different varieties.) , Sauce, Yam powder, Corn powder, Water Melon ,Irish Potatoe ,Pepper,Eggs ,garden eggs, Vegetables, Cereals, Egusi powder (melon),Coco yam ,Beniseed ,Onions ,Sugar Cane, Guinea corn,Shea Butter ,Cat fish, Groundnut Oil, Herbs ,Sesame Seed, Couscous Seed , rice, cassava (for chips, starch, etc), corn, sugar cane, cocoa, gum arabic, guinea corn, millet, kola nut etc .


At Clevenard, we take great care to ensure that all Our Products are Organically Planted & harvested, most of all we carefully Process any products that carry the Clevenard logo are harvested in a sustainable manner to ensure no impact on the local environment.

We pride ourselves in signing up with organic farmers around Africa who share our obsession for growing great-tasting affordable Organically Processed vegetables, herbs and wholegrain products that contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies require.


We specialize in providing locally-sourced fresh fruit, natural Seeds Oil, Herbs, and vegetables and other natural farm commodities. You welcome to consult us for your natural farm needs.

“We at Clevenard feel fortunate to be part of the exciting wave of change that is encouraging new perspectives on diet & health 


Clevenard supply chain